Love of the environment and care for green areas have become important passions in our lives. More and more people have rediscovered the great value of every green space and the beauty of caring for it to reconcile themselves with the world.

OUT-FIT is the Garden Lifestyle by Verdemax, an elegant and convenient way of living your garden and green spaces.

All outdoor hobbies require clothing that is not only comfortable, practical and durable, but also beautiful, well-groomed and allows you to identify with your passion. The complete OUT-FIT clothing line combines practicality and durability with Italian style, interpreting the needs of green enthusiasts.

OUT-FIT Verdemax the elegant comfortable Italian style for your Green living.

A line of clothing designed for leisure time, combining the functionality of each garment with the comfort of the fabrics. A unique offering designed down to the smallest detail, combining Verdemax’ experience with that of Italian fashion professionals.

The quality of the materials is combined with attention to detail in a product designed and dedicated to those seeking style even in their free time.



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